Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mistress of Nothing

Title: Mistress of Nothing

Historical fiction. Lady Duff Gordon, known for her book "Letters from Egypt", and her lady's maid go to Egypt inasmuch as she has tuberculosis and warm dry weather is good for this malady. The trip down the Nile is delightful in description, living in Egypt is so engrossing as is the love affair her lady's maid has with the main man servant. The Irish lady's maid thought that her Lady loved her like a member of the family, but finds out that she is loved only like a pet dog. Nice way to learn a bit of history, mankind and deception, and a bit about love and passion!! 5 stars.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Another Man's Moccasins

Title: Another Man's Moccasins, a Walt Longmire Mystery
Author: Craig Johnson
ISBN: 9780143115526

Walt Longmire, a northern Wyoming sheriff, solves the roadside murder of a young Vietnamese woman with well-interspersed flash-bacjs to his military (Marine) service in 1968 Vietnam. With well-paced action, vivid dialog one moves easily between the windy vistas of the Big Horn Mountains and the hot, humid U.S. military bases in war-torn Vietnam. With a Crow Indian as the prime suspect, this is a good mystery with an excellent epilogue concerning human trafficking in the U.S.

Hell Is Empty

Title: Hell is Empty
Author: Craig Johnson
ISBN: 9780670022779

Excellent mystery novel from a native Wyoming writer. No lack of suspense, Indians or the cold of the Bog Horn Mountains, this novel is a page turner and a literary gem.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Faithful Place

Author: Tana French
Title: Faithful Place

Third novel by Irish author (and trained actor at Trinity College, Dublin) sparkles with suspense. Main character, Francis Mackey, Undercover detective and native of the Liberties area of Dublin, presents his 41 years both in flashback and current time, as he pursues the murderer in a 20-year cold case and his brother's recent death. Family life on Faithful Place (which at one time did exist as an address in Dublin) is cleanly depicted. The poverty reminds one of Angela's Ashes. The dialog is crisp and the psychological turmoil of one trying to leave behind the life he came from is immensely satisfying and redemptive in the hope-filled ending.

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Classic - All Creatures Great and Small

Title: All Creatures Great and Small
Author: James Herriot


This memoir (Book 1 of a number that Herriot penned before his death in 1995) tells the story of a young veterinarian working in Yorkshire, England, during the 1930’s. Both humorous and poignant, the animal life and death narratives are interspersed with up-close-and-personal tales of the unique humans who love these creatures, in addition to a travelogue of the Yorkshire Dales. You’ll be tempted to greet the next friend you meet with “Naow then, how ista?”

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day of Honey

Day Of Honey
Annia Ciezadlo
ISBN: 978-1-465-8393-6

This is a wonderful memoir, with recipes, of time spent in both Baghdad and Beirut. It gives a fresh insight, through Western eyes, of the politics and people of the region. The book is framed with food, from the food of her childhood, to the foods of the region and how they reflect the times and the history of the region.

Four Stars.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cutting For Stone

Cutting For Stone
by Abraham Verghese
ISBN 9780375714368
* * * * *

This was a remarkable novel and the best I've read in a long time. Moving and powerful, the characters grabbed me from the beginning of the book. I loved the well researched history and learning about Hindu beliefs and Ethiopia as well as medicine. The richness of Verghese's writing was exquisite.